A Digital Case Study: Leading Telco in Africa

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Whether you are a small start-up, or a big multi-national organisation, it is important that you understand the importance of your digital properties in your online marketing initiatives. Each digital property should be driven by a set of business objectives. Multi-national organisations often have multiple digital properties across different markets. Managing and understanding each of…

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Preventing Analysis Paralysis in the Digital Age

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Analysis paralysis or paralysis by analysis. Make your pick. In the modern digital era whereby all business activities have one or more connections to a digital property, it is often difficult to determine the where, what, how and why of what should be analysed. If your responsibilities include analyst, product manager, brand owner or campaign…

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Web Analysis 101: An Introduction To Why It Is Important In the Digital Age

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A company’s website is one of its most valuable digital properties. Whether you are a new start-up (exciting times!) or a seasoned digital brand, understanding the purpose of your digital property (the website) is an important aspect. Why is this the case? First point of exposure Your potential clients will have their first interaction with…

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