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What is BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the set of tools and platforms which are used to change your organisation’s data into information which can be used to improve your organisation across various fronts.

Why do I need a BI-solution or dashboard?

Your company generates a vast volume of data which might be complex and distributed across the organisation. A BU-solution or dashboard aims to bring all the data together a visually appealing manner, whilst making the data readily available to enable employees to get a real time overview of what is happening in the organisation?

I don’t know where all of my data resides, and what data might be useful. What now?

We are quite thorough in our requirement solicitation process. We will ask the right questions to the correct people to ensure that all the important sources of data is identified and used appropriately

Which BI-solutions or dashboarding tools can I use?

We specialise in a variety of BI-solutions including platforms such as Tableau, PowerBI and Qlikview. We will advise you on which platform would be more appropriate for your organisation based on expert opinion

My company has sales, digital and meta-data. Can we combine this?

In short yes. We can build a BI-solution for any kind of data, and combine appropriate data sources to extract valuable insights. Whether you would like to build a digital BI-platform for all your digital platforms, or purely want an HR dashboard, we cater to all

We are BI experts, managing your data and requirements to build visually impactful BI-solutions which make your data easily accessible to key stakeholders.

BI and Dashboarding Services

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  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Bespoke Dashboarding
  • Data Management
  • Data Wrangling
  • KPI Development
  • Expert Consulting

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