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Phoenix Strength Fit Marketing Website

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Client Brief

Phoenix Strength & Fitness is a bespoke fitness-related service provider based in Gauteng. They offer personalised health and fitness coaching at their premises. Their ethos revolves around tailoring programmes to cater to each individual’s needs and helping them achieve their intended results.

The client requested that a “not your typical” gym website should be developed. A Corporate Identity development was also required, to ensure that the logo was striking and that high contrast could be applied across the website.

Client Feedback & Results

The final CI and website made use of orange, white and black to create a truly unique “not your typical” gym design. The design work was realised through the development of a marketing website (backed by a CMS) which empowered the client to post blog articles, manage class schedules, and implement campaigns.

The client feedback was extremely positive, whilst we positioned their brand appropriately in a highly competitive space in the market.