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Southern Africa Venture Capital and Private Equity (SAVCA) Marketing Website

Spheralytical Portfolio - SAVCA Image

Client Brief

SAVCA is a non-profit industry association, whos members collectively manage R170bn in assets across the world. SAVCA’s previous infrastructure and website was quite outdated, difficult to navigate, and didn’t capture the essence of what they stood for.

The client brief requested that the legacy infrastructure be cleaned out, backed up and archived, and that a bolder, more modern website be developed to cater to their needs.

The website had to be formal looking, but had to use inviting colours across the website to make visitors feel more welcome. A complete redesign and development process, coupled with major UX improvements was required

Client Feedback & Results

After fixing all of the infrastructure related legacy elements, and launching a completely overhauled website, the final outcomes were phenomenal. We managed to retain 100% of their web traffic, improve time on site, reduce bounce rate, and increase the volume of leads substantially.

The development of the Information Architecture also enabled key elements of the website to obtain the required exposure, driving up interest in their events, memberships and resources.


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