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Spheralytical - Who we are ?

Spheralytical is a full cycle analytics service provider, across digital, retail, FMCG and other industries. We believe in utilising our in-depth understanding and knowledge of all things analytics, to work with our clients in exploring their business data. Whether your company is big or small, we want to work with you to help grow your business.

We are passionate about all things data, which backed by extensive experience across various, enables us to provide unrivalled actionable insights throughout all of the projects that we take on with our clients. We do not take a step back for any challenge!

About Us

Spheralytical - our Vision and Purpose !

A sphere is a perfect 360 degree 3D circle. Imagine your company is at the centre of that sphere. Your company has various business objectives and initiatives which are executed, but no one is able to provide you a complete 360 degree view, which describes the impact of for example, your marketing endeavours. The analytical requirements to achieve this is by no means an easy task, but that is where our passion lies.

Spheralytical aims to provide every business with analytical services that derive actionable insights which will improve a company across all of its initiatives, effectively closing the loop on data and analytics.



Your Problem

Spheralytical - Our Solution.

Your company creates a wealth of various data points on a daily basis across different business endeavours such as digital and sales. The vast amount of data which is generated often spans multiple departments, channels and locations, making it difficult for anyone to create understanding from it all. This is data that with some exploration, can reveal meaningful insights about clients, purchase behaviour, digital experience and business processes - this is where we excel.

We provide an experience backed consultation capability coupled with the know-how of passionate data scientist that can solve any data or analytics problem. We know how to wrangle any form of data created in any space to reveal actionable insights which can be acted upon to improve your business. We also believe in making analytics easy and accessible to all our clients by working closely with them to understand their wants and needs.

Our Approach

Spheralytical - Passionate | Data Driven | Actionable Insight

We are passionate about creating data driven actionable insights! Pure and simple. Our data scientist can tackle any data or analytics related project with ease, equipped with the know-how and skillset to turn your data problem into something of the past.

We want to work with our clients to create a better understanding of their businesses and how we can go about simplifying all of their data, analytics and insights related requirements. No project is too complex or too small.

A Digital Case Study: Leading Telco in Africa

Whether you are a small start-up, or a big multi-national organisation, it is important that you understand the importance of your digital properties in your online marketing initiatives. Each digital property should be driven by a set of business objectives. Multi-national organisations often have multiple digital properties across different markets. Managing and understanding each of…

Spheralytical Takes Out The Guess Work

Let us help you identify data driven actionable insights which can be used to improve and optimise your business today . . .